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Keeping both feet firmly planted in the air

Somewhere soft and safe and without maggots

4 May
80's movies, 80's music, accents, aerosmith, amanda palmer, anachronisms, anatomy, arthur miller, bad days, basses, beatles, being a music freak, belgium, ben folds five, biking, billie holiday, black and white movies, blues, bowler hats, brian viglione, burlesque, cabaret, cake, cards, charlie christian, chips, chocolate, classical music, clocks, coloring, cooking, documentaries, doing nothing, douglas coupland, dresden dolls, dresses, dressing up, drums, duke ellington, ella fitzgerald, energy, entering contests, fairy tales, fedoras, finland, freeze tag, french fries, glasses, goo-crunches, gravity, grudges, hippies, history, hula hoops, humor, indian music, instant messaging, intellectuals, intelligence, jazz, jewelry, johnny depp, jumping rope, keepin' it real, kermit the frog, kid millions, libraries, listening to music, listening to my friends, literature, living statues, madonna, making music, mario bros., medieval music, mirah, monopoly, mountains, mouthed horns, music, music in general, my guitar, mystic river, nachos, napoleon dynamite, nelson demille, nerds, neutral milk hotel, nietzsche, oldies, paintings, paper, peanut butter, pencils, pens, peppermint patties, peppermints, pianos, pictures, ping pong, playing music, plays, procrastination, punk cabaret, puzzles, queen, r.e.m., rainbow connections, rainy days, reading, recording things, regina spektor, renaissance music, richard dreyfuss, robert browning, rocky horror picture show, rolling stones, running, runts, salsa, science, silent films, sixteen candles, slide guitar, slides, solitaire, star wars, stuffed animals, sun ra's archestra, swing, swings, talking to my friends, tapes, the beatles, the blow, the clash, the strokes, the vandals, thelonius sphere monk, they might be giants, thinking, tin pan alley, tom hanks, tool, toy pianos, truce, vaudeville, water, weezer, world music