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a wasted hour closing in on a lovely day

Update for days #1-4 of Spring Break. Let's break it down:

- Took care of big sis for two days. Really feeling the stress of leaving in 8 days to live 3000+ miles away from us. I'm really happy about it.

- I do my own laundry for the most part, and I got unnaturally excited in the store the other day when I saw, oh yes, 100% Biodegradable Dryer Sheets made completely out of vegetables. Plus, they get rid of static cling. All I have to say is that they are wonderful! and work ver y well.

- I made biscuits from scratch this weekend. They were all gone within 24 hours by the aforementioned sister. I'm soon about to make more.

- Decided that when I go to California and Oregon this summer, Asia is going to get a letter/post card from both states, perhaps individual cities. And I swear they will get there in time. They have to.

- Been grooving NONSTOP to some RIDICULOUSLY COOL playlists of Funk music, as well as some of the best old skool Dance Music I know.

- Figured out that I dance like a dweeb, but it's so much fun I don't care. Also, cooking and dancing at the same time is a lot of fun.


So, all in all, not too much. But you guys know me and I don't normally do things.



P.S. - I also got a myspace again, to talk with Heather when she leaves. Check it out, I have a groovy song up on my profile.

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i will wait eagerly each and every day that u are away.
i will play "caifornia" by copeland" all day long